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About Angel Soft® Toilet Paper & Tissue

If you have questions about Angel Soft® products, here's where you can find the answers. If you don't find the answer to your question here, feel free to Contact the Angel Soft® Team.
Bathroom Supplies

When was Angel Soft® bath tissue first introduced into the marketplace?
Angel Soft® bath tissue was introduced in 1987.
Where is Angel Soft® bath tissue available?
You can find Angel Soft® bath tissue at most grocery and mass merchandise retail stores across the United States. Please use our Product Locator to find an online merchant or to locate the closest store near you.
Is the wrapper on Angel Soft® bath tissue recyclable?
The plastic wrapper has a resin identification number of four. Please check with your local recycling facility to determine if these materials are recycled in your area.
Do you make Angel Soft® bath tissue with aloe?
No, Angel Soft® bath tissue is manufactured from only pulp fiber with no additives.
Do you make prints?
Yes! Angel Soft® bath tissue is available at selected retail stores in the "pretty print" design. Use the Product Locator to find an online merchant or to locate the closet store near you.
What is the difference between 1 ply and 2 ply toilet paper?
The difference between 1 ply toilet paper and 2 ply toilet paper is the amount of paper layers. 1 ply toilet paper consists of one paper layer while 2 ply toilet paper is made with 2 layers of paper.
Does Angel Soft® have a single ply toilet paper?
No. Angel Soft® does not offer single ply toilet paper. All Angel soft® Bath Tissue is 2 ply. Our 2 ply toilet paper provides 2 layers of softness and strength.
Is Angel Soft® septic safe toilet paper?
Angel Soft® toilet paper is acceptable for use in standard septic and sewer systems.
What does septic safe toilet paper mean?
Septic safe toilet paper means that it's able to break down and dissolve easily so it's safe for septic systems and standard sewers.
Facial Tissue

Is the packaging recyclable?
Yes. The facial tissue packaging is recyclable where recycling facilities exist.
Is it safe to remove make-up/clean my computer/other use with Angel Soft® facial tissue?
Electronics: While there are not specific warnings associated with other uses, the product was not designed for cleaning electronics and may not perform as desired.

Facial/eye/skin uses: Laboratory tests performed in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Act have shown that this product does not have the potential to cause eye or skin irritation.
Is the product septic safe?
We do not recommend putting facial tissue in the toilet. Facial tissues have a high level of permanent wet strength and do not break down quickly in the toilet.
When was Angel Soft® Facial Tissue first introduced into the marketplace?
While Georgia-Pacific has been offering a professional version of Angel Soft® facial tissue for our commercial customers such as hotels and hospitals for quite some time, Angel Soft® facial tissue was introduced in the retail market in June 2012.
What are the ingredients in the lotion facial tissue?
Ingredients are listed on the bottom of the lotion facial tissue box. They are mineral oil, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, polyethylene glycol, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E acetate) and aloe extract.
Can I get Angel Soft® facial tissue with lotion? Without lotion?
Angel Soft® facial tissue comes in both lotion and non-lotion varieties.
Can I clean my eyeglasses with Angel Soft® facial tissue?
Non-lotion tissue is a better choice for cleaning eyeglasses. Per the warning on the bottom of the box, we do not recommend cleaning eyeglasses with the lotion facial tissue.
How many plies is Angel Soft® facial tissue?
Angel Soft® non-lotion facial tissue is a 2-ply tissue. Angel Soft® Lotion is a 3-ply lotion tissue.
Is Angel Soft® facial tissue made with chlorine free bleach?
Yes. Angel Soft® facial tissue is produced with chlorine free bleach.
Is Angel Soft facial tissue free of fragrances and dyes?
Yes. Angel Soft® facial tissue has no added fragrance or dyes.