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Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender Scent

Angel Soft® has all the softness you want and strength you need — now with the added touch of Lavender Scent in every roll.

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Give Your Bathroom
A Special Touch
With The Scent
Of Fresh Lavender

Essential Details

Fresh Scent

Every roll has the
fresh scent of lavender
in its tube.

Softness That

Soft enough to comfort
even the most delicate
members of your family.

Strength That
Holds Up

Angel Soft® holds up under
pressure and is strong enough
to take care of any family.

Value You Love

The softness and strength you
count on without breaking
your piggy bank.


Our baby angels love
Angel Soft® bath tissue so much
that they put two layers in
every sheet.

The Whole Family,
Every Day

For use everyday use by every
member of your family.

Septic & Sewer Safe

Angel Soft® is safe for use in
standard sewer and septic
systems. Because you shouldn't
have to worry about your bath
tissue after you flush.


Is the scent on the bath tissue?
While the scent is applied to the tube and not to the paper itself, some fragrance will transfer to the paper.
Why is the product only available in 4 states?
For the time being, we are only offering Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender Scent in California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. We may expand distribution in the future.
Is the paper any different from regular Angel Soft® unscented?
The paper is the same paper as the unscented Angel Soft® bath tissue.
Are there other scents?
Currently we only have Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender scent.
Are these sheets septic-safe?
Like the unscented Angel Soft® bath tissue, Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender scent is also flushable and septic safe in standard septic and sewer systems.

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