4 Things for Parents to Do With Extra Time At Home

mom potty training her toddler

If spending a lot of time indoors is beginning to get monotonous, there are a few things you can do to make the best use of your time staying at home. This is a great time to teach your kids healthy new habits that they’ll keep for life. Implementing some structure can even improve general wellbeing and liven things up around the house!

1. Start potty training

One of a parent’s most daunting tasks is potty training, and while this might seem like an added stress to the current situation, the fact that you can be home with your child for the entire process will actually make it go smoother and ease stress on both you and your child. So take advantage of this extra time to nurture your child if they are showing signs that they’re ready to potty train. Every child is different though, so make sure the time is right for them. Learn more about the different methods of potty training here.

2. Get the kids involved with chores.

Now that everyone is at home all the time, the chores mount up faster than usual. This is the perfect time to assign extra household duties and explain to children that you’re all in this together. Simple things like folding laundry, loading the dishwasher and cleaning the bathroom are good places to start. Try these DIY natural cleaners for kids for a way to show your kids how they can keep their bathrooms clean without the harsh chemicals.

3. Gamify your household.

You might have heard the term “gamify” used in business, but did you know you can gamify your household and make chores and daily activities fun for kids? Come up with a points and rewards system that’s age appropriate to encourage your kids to participate in household activities. The reward could be as simple as gold stars earned towards a pizza party for little kids or as generous as points earned towards a cash prize for older children. And you can reward anything—from taking a bath and going to bed without crying to helping clean the kitchen or getting good grades in school.

4. Kid friendly exercises online!

Moodiness can become an issue when children feel cooped up and lack exercise, so check out one of the many online resources for children’s exercise videos to keep your little one centered. There are options for all ages like Animal Exercises for Kids and Kids Yoga, and Little Toughies is a great one for empowering little girls!

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